Saturday, April 30, 2016

Peter, John and a Lame Man

The story of Peter and John praying for the lame man to be healed, is an example of how the disciples continued to follow Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, after Jesus returned to heaven.  It shows children that the power of Jesus that is still at work, even in our lives today.

Bible Truth: Jesus teaches me the power of His name.
Bible Story:  A man who was unable to walk was healed when Peter and John spoke the name of Jesus.
Bible Study: Acts 3:1-10; Philippians 2:9-11


Read this week's story to your class from a children's Bible. (This is the story Bible that I use and recommend.) Or you may choose to use flannel graph. After you've presented it, use the following craft and song to reenact the story with your kiddos and their finger puppets!


  • Walking and Leaping is a catchy song by the Donut Man that puts this story music!  Use the finger puppet crafts that you have created to act out the story as you listen to the song and sing along!
  • J-E-S-U-S has become a favorite in my class.  The lame man was healed when Peter spoke the name of Jesus. Before you sing the song, tell the children that the name of Jesus has more power than anything else in the world. The devil gets scared, and runs away when he hears the name of Jesus. That is why when we pray, we say, "In Jesus' name."
Download this visual as an interactive way to sing this song.


puppet play

Two different styles of puppets, encourage children to dramatize the story and/or the song. For this craft you will need:
To prepare, follow the instructions on the print out.  The 0.50-inch circle punch makes it a breeze to punch the holes for the Lame Man.  As an alternative, use a regular single hole punch, and punch several holes within the circle in order to create larger holes.  You may want to provide envelopes for the children to contain their puppets as they take them home.

Play Walking and Leaping, and sing along as the children use their finger puppets to reenact the story! Hold Peter and John in one hand.  Insert two fingers from the other hand into the holes punched out on the Lame Man, and manipulate your fingers as his legs.

name of JESUS

To prepare, print out this activity sheet.  In class, provide watercolors for the children to paint and decorate the name of Jesus.


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